Movement and perception merge in a method promoting general well-being and exploration. A concrete and involving experience that touches the body as well as the mind. Our body reacts and adapts to every stimulus, however slight, in order to regain its natural balance. When this occurs, body tissue relaxes and contracts, sending impulses to the muscles and articulations.

A gesture, a movement is formed. A stimulus can be a sound, a thought or an intention which triggers numerous forms of bodily responses, and because they occur naturally, it happens with ease.

The seminar aims to guide the participants through the exact perception of tissue movement (FASCIA). In order to avoid mental contamination (of previous experience) and to distinguish the technique from “Letting oneself go”,the physical –anatomical analysis of such exercises allows us to perform the work in a correct way.

The “Tatto Interno – Deep Touch” develops in a personal technique and a couple (or more) technique.
In pair work, accompaniment in practice is explored.
Facilitating the movement of the practitioner, through understanding and listening, expands the experience.
The training takes place through the exchange of roles (trainee / companion) and in accordance with one’s physical and mental conditions.
The accompaniment, even if essentially impersonal, opens the door to an inevitable relational sphere that manifests itself in a common realization of intent: well-being, the creative process, perception, exploration of oneself and movement as a tool for personal research.

Anything that moves around us, affects us from within.

The seminar can provide dancers, actors and body-workers with a useful tool for improvisation.

• The autonomic nervous system
• Release of the muscular system
• Proprioception
• Perception and receptors
• fascial movements
• The creative process
• Perception and relationship with space
• The body / mind
• Energy density
• The system of intentions
• Attention and listening
• Work with images
• Resonance and atmosphere
• Physiology of improvisation
• The connection through the contact
• Work in pairs

The training does NOT enable the teaching of the Tatto Interno-Deep Touch.

He began his work on the body in ’96 through the study of Shiatsu, of which he is currently operator (www.fisioshiatsu.com) and teacher (www.shiatsu-shintai.it),
He taught with the Shiatsu-Shintai School first in Bologna and then in the offices of Orvieto (TR), Vasto (CH), Padua, Merano. Subsequently he deepened his technique studying ShinTai, the bands, the Chakras and the Activation of the Light Body (Light Body Yoga)
Satisfying his interest and his curiosity for holistic systems he approached with passion different disciplines connected to the body / mind.
In 2003 he synthesized the “Tatto Interno-Deep Touch”, a body technique of movement and perception (www.tattointerno.com).
In 2004 he met contact improvisation, which he followed as a student, event organizer and in recent years as a teacher.
His interest in the physiological processes involved in contact led him to write the following articles below.